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Jane Mcgonigal at TED

Its one of the most EPIC Vídeos ever. No comments, just watch it!!!

Jon Radoff at GSummit2012

One of the most EPIC conferences ever by Jon Radoff, author of Game On, and creator of the new Game of Thrones: Ascent. Its really worth seeing because it takes Gamification out of the paradise in which many people locate it nowadays. Because in the end, its all about good games

Jesse Schell at TED - The future and games by @kwerb & Carlos Alberto Gonzalez

A really fun, inspirating and visionary way to explain gamification in the future. +10 points and LVL Up! for watching it! (full version at

Raph Koster (@raphkoster) and his TEN LESSONS for game design

Link from youtube (it´s not letting me put it here):

And here is another video of Raph Koster in one of his interview that i also find interesting

Raph Koster is the writer of  "A Fun Theory for Game Design", an amazing book that we all should read (i did in the past, but it´s always good to come back to it somewhen) and a game designer since the old good times of board games and sooo on. 

Daniel Pink (@danielpink) on "The Puzzle of Motivation" at TED

One of the first books i read some years ago and still one of my favourites. "Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us" is one of the bibles of Gamification and it explains in a great way the elements of intrinsic motivation. A must-see :)

The video only focuses on a small part of "the whole picture" but i totally recommend to read the whole book too! (also read first something about Self-Determination Theory, it helps setting the basics : P )

Tom Chatfield (@tomchatfield): 7 ways video games engage the brain at TED

An insightful talk about how video games are changing the world. It starts with some impressive data and keeps on going explaining why those awesome stats are only the beginning

Rewards, intrinsic motivation ,virtual environments, virtual goods and much more.... Worth seeing!!!

Gabe Zichermann (@gzicherm) on Gamification for education at TED Brussels

An insightful video about Gamification applied to Education given at TEDxKids at Brussels

The best point of this video is how kids can make huge improvements in their minds and knowledge playing games. Today´s education is way behind what kids are asking for. A good starting point for those who are into gamified education. Discovered to me by Daniela Fernández Hernández

Jesse Schell in the future of Games at D.I.C.E 2013

A really amazing keynote about the future of games and how to make games (and gamification) better

It is just an epic video. Ever asked yourself what utopia is? Check it out ASAP! :)

Seven core concepts for Gamification by Amy Jo Kim

Great, simple and clear presentation about the 7 core concepts of gamification of Amy Jo Kim! Don't miss out!

Stuart Brown on the importance of games

Discovered to me by @javierarquelladas, I really have to say that this video is great!!! Play is more than fun!

Sebastian Deterding on doing gamification right

Another must-see of the gamification collection, just watch it!

Millenials in the workplace, a fantastic comedy about the Generation Y

One of those videos that makes you laugh like mad. No seriously, it's just so awesome!

Jane Mcgonigal on serious games for extending your life

Another good one from Jane at TED!

Hope you like it! ; )

PS: If you have a video that you want to me to put in here because its truly EPIC just make a comment and i ll add it to the list!!


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