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The Right and Wrong of Game Mechanics in Gamification

The Right and Wrong of Game Mechanics in Gamification: A radio show with Monica Cornetti

This radio show was originally published on Monica's blogtalkradio space. You can check it out here.

The Right and Wrong of Game Mechanics in Gamification

With Special Guest Victor Manrique - a Gamification designer ranked among the top gamification experts worldwide. In this episode of Gamification Talk Radio, we’ll be the rights and wrongs when adding game mechanics into your gamified project. Gamification and games are similar yet different, and one of the key points when designing gamified systems is that game mechanics have to be slightly revamped due to the lack of pure game play.

Monica and Victor will be discussing:

- Whether or not we can use game mechanics in Gamification

- The most effective game mechanics to use in corporate training and development

- The 3 most important factors to take into account before designing any mechanics

- Victor will give you real life case studies and examples of the rights and wrongs of game mechanics in gamification.

About Victor Manrique:

Victor is a Gamification designer at PlayJugo, a spanish based startup focused on helping people to achieve their personal and professional goals by playing games. He teaches gamification at the IEBS School as an Associate Professor as well as being the author of, a gamification-oriented blog updated on a weekly basis.

Victor is one of the organizers of Gamification Spain Meetups (GSM), an independent event for gamification professionals that takes place all over Spain and has been ranked among the top gamification experts worldwide according to

Victor Manrique

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