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2013: The Year of Gamification

2013: A Gamified Year in 13 Pictures

The gamification year of @victormanriquey and a bit more in pictures.

Papers, Books and much more

The year started as 2012 finished: I read more books, studied more papers and developed all the theories that would later on appear on Epic Win. 

Gamification and Coursera

One of 2013's great events was Prof. Werbach's MOOC. It was a really nice course and it inspired me to create a bit more advanced course on the topic with

Epic Win Blog

Some weeks before, I started publishing all the materials that I had on Epic Win Blog. Several blogposts have received more than 4000 views. 

Gamification World Congress, Madrid

Probably one of the biggest gamification events in Europe. The Congress took place on the 20th May, 2013 and it was a fantastic chance to meet great people.


I started to work at PlayJugo in summer, and since then, we have developed two gamified systems and much more! We keep on working hard (and playing harder) every day.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business School

At the same time, I started to collaborate with the IEBS, as a gamification associate professor for two of their master degrees: Mobile Business and Entrepreneurship.

Gamification Spain Meetups

Gamification Spain Meetups (GSM) started (and keeps on being) as a small community based event. Today, more than 150 people have joined the group and 2014 will see many more of these meetups. You can check it out at

EBE - Evento Blog España

It was my first experience at Europe's second biggest event of Social Media. I gave a gamification workshop for +75 people and met so many awesome people. Such a great time!

Social Raid

Social Raid was PlayJugo's first gamified platform, a gamelike experience for community managers and social media managers. You can check it out at

II GSM - Barcelona

With more than 75 people, free talks, workshops and many more activities, we had such a fantastic time at the II GSM in Barcelona. There will be more!

Family Team App

Family Team App is PlayJugo's second gamified experience, an app that makes your house chores more fun. It'll be available on the App Store in January 2014.

The 35 Mechanics Toolkit

After the huge success of the first version, and the amount of downloads of the second one, we decided to create our own design deck. It'll be available on Amazon in January 2014.

Iversity Gamification Design MOOC

2013 was an awesome year and we wanted 2014 to be as epic! So we created a new adventure on Iversity! Want to join us?

Last but not least...

Thanks to all the great people that have helped us on the way! You're great guys! 2014 will be an epic year!

Go Go Go!

Victor Manrique

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