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The 35 Gamification Mechanics toolkit v2.0

A simple and easy to use toolkit for Gamification Design by @victormanriquey


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The new 2.0 Version

This is the new version of my 35 Gamification Mechanics Toolkit. After the great success of v1.0 (that you can find and download here: Toolkit v1.0) I've been working hard for quite some months to improve and revamp both the mechanics design and the content itself. The former version was viewed more than 3500 times, received 85 G+ likes and has helped many people in developing their own gamification projects and I hope this new version will help many others!

This new 2.0 version includes: a new design steps system, revamped design & improved mechanics 

How does It work?

Player's Handbook

Download and print your cards. It's totally free and images are HQ! And remember it's better to play the game with your friends!

You'll have 35 cards, and 6 design levels that follow a color pattern. Organise them by colors and go to step 3! 

Every level means a step in the design process. Create infinite gamification experiences by mixing all the levels and mechanics!

Pink - Onboarding
Yellow - Late Onboarding
Orange - Midgame
Blue - Late Midgame
Green - Endgame
Purple/Epic - Everlasting experience

Let the magic begin!

Extra Step
If you want to know more about gamification design and the process itself, check this out:

Can I get the Official Deck of Cards?

Yes!!! Go to the top part of this post!

Saying thanks is important

There are many people that I'd like to thank for their collaboration in this toolkit. This is not the kind of thing that is done in one day, and many people have reviewed it, contributed to make it better or just gave some feedback. So for you all, THANK YOU!

Last but not least, I'd like to say thank you to: @daverage for his great advice, @isidrorodrigo for making this possible and allowing me to print the cards like a real "Magic:The Gathering" Deck, and to all the sponsors, speakers, and members of the awesome @GamificacionESP community for supporting this project. 


Victor Manrique
+Victor Manrique

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