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Gamification Hangout with Gabe Zichermann & Epic Win Blog Community

Gabe Zichermann talks about Gamification on Epic Win Blog

What are Gabe Zichermann (@gzicherm), Andrzej Marczewski (@daverage), Roman Rackwitz (@RomanRackwitz), Daniel Meusburger (@dmeusburger) and Marta García (@martapolavieja) doing together on Google Hangouts?

You'll have to see the video to know that! Dont't miss out this great gamification hangout where they all participated! 

Some words about them...

  • Gabe Zichermann: Gabe is the chair of GSummit where top gamification experts across industries gather to share knowledge and insight about customer & employee engagement and loyalty. He is also an author, highly rated public speaker and entrepreneur whose next book, The Gamification Revolution (McGraw Hill, 2013) looks at how leaders are leveraging gamification strategy to crush the competition. His previous books, Gamification by Design (2011) and Game-Based Marketing (2010) have helped define the industry’s standards and frameworks, and continue to be key reference materials today. Gabe resides in New York City, where he is co-director of startup accelerator The Founder Institute, and a board member of StartOut.org.

  • Andrzej Marczewski: Andrzej is the #3 gamification guru worlwide and a fantastic speaker, author of a book (that we recommend on Epic Win Blog) and blogger on http://marczewski.me.uk. Besides, he is a web designer since 2000, now working as the Intranet Webmaster at Capgemini UK. He is located in the UK.

  • Roman Rackwitz: Roman is the #7 gamification guru worldwide and CEO & Founder of Engaginglab. Besides, he is the chair of a new gamification event called GamifyConference. He is located in Germany.

  • Daniel Meusburger: Daniel is a gamification researcher that has worked as an intern at SAP and has a great understanding of the gamification world. He is located in Austria at the moment. 

  • Marta G. Polavieja: Marta is a gamification designer at Cookie Box, a spanish gamification consultancy and an expert not only in this gamification world but also social media, transmedia, story telling and much more. She is located in Madrid, Spain. 


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