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What is Gamification?: An introduction

This is a very special week since the Coursera Gamification course has just started and it seems EPIC! (Join us here:

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So everyone is talking about Gamification, a weird word that seems to have been made up to get all of our problems sorted, and it´s all about games! But what is Gamification?

"Gamification is the use of game mechanics and dynamics applied to a non-pure gaming environment to achieve a goal"

In a very simple way to explain it: It´s like taking some pieces out of a car (wheels in this case) to use them as a swing for your kids. They´ll still be car parts but you use them in a different way to make your children have fun!

As a real example we can talk about Line, the popular chatting App: Line is an alternative to Whatsapp but ever thought why it became so popular if it´s just the same? Well, obviously,  it´s not the same. Ever used their stickers? How many of us collected, traded or sold stickers when we were kids? Many of you could raise your hand up, and the truth is that just this small detail is a big deal. In fact, collecting is one of the most powerful human motivators, but we´ll talk about that soon....

So, in overall and briefly, this is gamification! and it´s a whole new (or old if we look at the ancient Greece and their war games) world but lets have a global view of the schedule of the blog!

0. Gamification: the beginning

0.1 Playing to Happiness: Part 1
0.2 Playing to Happiness: Part 2

1. The 4 Ws of Gamification: Who, Why, What and When

1.1 Why people play: Games, human motivators and Fun           
      1.1.1 Part 1: Games and motivators           
      1.1.2 Part 2: Fun
1.2 When and Why to use gamification
1.3 A New model of Gamification Players

2. Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics: A Fun Approach

2.1 The very basics of gamification
      2.1.1 PBL
      2.1.2 Levels, Quests and Social Graph
      2.1.3 An introduction to Virtual Goods
2.2 The Fun MDA Model
2.3 Mechanics
2.4 Dynamics
2.5 Aesthetics

3. Games in Business

3.1 The evolution of a player
3.2 Monetization in games
       3.2.1 Virtual Goods I
       3.2.2 Virtual Goods II
3.3 Business Metrics
3.4 Gamification in the real world
      3.4.1 Real World Gamification I
      3.4.2 Real World Gamification II

* Additional Content and Extras

** ...Upcoming sections...

I´ve created 4 sections in which i´ll talk about those topics and all the elements involved around them.

First of all, the psychology of gamification is explained through 2 parts to start talking about the 4 Ws of gamers, that settled the base of everything.

Afterwards, the basic elements of gamification are analysed in detail and as well as many other game mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics, that would be described with real and practical examples!

Since this is mostly a business blog, the art of gamification in business will be discussed, and i´ll also talk about other real world examples that are working out nowadays (some are them are EPIC).

More parts will be added but for now this is the schedule! With each new blog i´ll be giving some referencing, key books or materials to read or watch (like TED videos) but if you want to know more just email me ( !!!

Hope you like it and i´ll be posting next section soon!!!

Victor Manrique

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